Asphalt Maintenance Services


Seal CoatingAt CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating we only use commercial grade, Sealmaster Coal Tar sealer. This product meets all federal specs and will provide you with the best protection for your asphalt investment. There are many reasons why you should seal your asphalt, whether it is a residential driveway or commercial parking lot.

Those reasons include:

  1. Big Saving
    • Sealcoating your asphalt can increase its lifespan by as much as 300%, saving you money in the long run compared to repaving
  2. Appearance
    • As asphalt ages it begins to lose its rich, black color. Sealcoating brings your asphalt back to its original beauty which leads to increased curb appeal and a better first impression for businesses.
  3. Protection
    • Sealer will protect the asphalt by creating a watertight coating over the asphalt, keeping water from seeping through the porous surface and causing freeze/thaw damage.
  4. Blocks UV Rays
    • The sun can cause an extreme amount of damage to unsealed asphalt. The suns UV rays cause the asphalt to dry out and become brittle over time, leading to cracking.
  5. Prevents Wear
    • Oil and gasoline products can cause a significant amount of damage to the asphalt due to the reaction the petroleum products have with the asphalt. The oil causes the asphalt to soften and begin to fall apart.

Crack Filling

As asphalt ages, cracking is inevitable. As the asphalt cracks it allows water and other contaminants to wash down into the sub-base of the asphalt making it prone to further cracking. If these cracks are left untreated they will turn into bigger issues, for example, potholes.

As the cracking becomes more substantial and potholes begin to form, it opens you up to larger repairs and larger liability issues. It is best to handle cracks as they form and to get your asphalt on a yearly crack filling program to limit you expense and exposure to liability claims.

The process we use includes cleaning the cracks with wire brooms, power brooms, and blowers to make sure they are clean of any dirt and vegetation. Once clean the cracks are filled with hot-applied crack filler which is heated to around 375 degrees and poured out of a kettle into the cracks. The crack filler provides a water tight bond between itself and the asphalt, allowing no water or outside contaminants to get into the crack and down into the sub-base. This is the best known way to handle crack filling.

Asphalt Repair

When an area of a driveway or parking lot fails it is necessary to remove that section and replace it with new asphalt. We use a four step approach when dealing with asphalt repairs so they do not become liability issues in the future.

  1. Designate the areas of the asphalt that will need to be repaired
  2. Saw cut around the areas and remove the old asphalt
  3. Re-grade the sub-base and compact
  4. Install approximately 2.5” – 3” of hot asphalt to proper grade and compact

Line Striping

Parking lot striping allows for safer navigation through your parking lots for both vehicles and pedestrians. It also maximizes the amount of parking for your tenants, customers, and employees. The installation of parking stencils allow for ease of direction through a parking lot with the use of arrows and what areas are designated for handicap parking, fire lanes, etc.

Line StripingParking lot striping is necessary to make sure you are ADA compliant with all federal, state, and local municipalities. A certain percentage of your parking stalls must be reserved as handicap stalls to meet the ADA guidelines. Doing this will save you from paying fines and penalties along with making your parking lot more accessible.

Line striping is also great for curb appeal and promoting a strong image to your tenants or customers. Fresh painted lines make a parking lot look clean and well maintained.

We use the most advanced Graco airless striping machines to apply only Sherwin Williams paints that meet all federal specs. Sherwin Williams paint provides the longest wear life compared to other brands.