Design & Build Services

For over 10 years, northern New Jersey property owners don’t have any issues with landscape design, shrub, flower and tree plantings or hardscaping, because CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating was there to provide the best services in the area. We started small, as a residential lawn mowing company which was proud to showcase a few client accounts. But we grew as exquisitely as the lawns we have taken care of did and from a small company we became a large one, expanding our vision and offering a wide range of services, from lawn care to paving and retaining walls. Our small portfolio turned into a large pool of loyal customers ready to recommend us for our attention to detail and our expertise in our field, as we come backed up by science and technology together with ever – developing skills, talents and knowledge.

Landscaping ServicesAt a residential level, CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating masters landscape design like no other, as we have skilled and trained landscape artists who create true outdoor masterpieces and we are not talking only about lawns and gardens that look like pulled out from home improvement specialized magazines, but also deck building, patio creation or outdoor kitchens and recreation spaces. We are the ones who are called in when a land owner wants a pool, a cabana, a kiosk or a front yard that would win an Oscar for image and special effects if those awards would be granted to gardens and lawns. And they don’t mistake by calling us, as we are proud to offer landscape design services, shrubs, flower and tree plantings and hardscaping which come out from the minds and crafty hands of award winning architects, managers and trained professionals. We work at the highest standards and our long – term partners are experienced in managing all these assignments, no matter if they involve building a garden from scratch or a pavers or a retaining walls project.

For our commercial clients, CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating has managed to successfully secure important accounts after recommending and implementing a landscape design plan, a reconditioning and renovation one or one to improve the property’s value. No matter if you are an individual property owner or a commercial client, we will treat your needs and desires with the same respect and deference for landscape design and beauty. We will provide you with a long-term plan that will ensure your lawn, garden or property health and sustainability, managing and taking care of every aspect, including shrub, flower, and tree planting.

Here at CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating we use innovative methods and technologies for providing you with the most spectacular landscape designs and services, such as pavers and retaining walls, for instance. We guarantee we’ll give it 110% of our talents and hard work. Our everyday goal is to grow stronger and we can do this only by adding the highest value to our projects.


Landscape design is equal parts art and science and no one knows this better than the landscaping experts at CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating. We are committed to fining landscape solutions that look amazing, but also work great in terms of functionality. We approach each project individually and offer no one-size fits-all kind of outlook, because we know that there are no two clients with the same requirements out there. We can promise to answer all your landscaping design questions and strive to provide you with top quality services, by using only the latest techniques and best materials possible.

Shrub/ Flower/ Tree Plantings

Since CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating has been active in New Jersey for many years now, we know all about the soil and climate conditions in the area. As such, we’re well aware what shrub, flower, and tree species thrive here, and which ones struggle. Count on us to help materialize the landscape of your dreams, with the most amazing combinations of flowers, trees, and hedges.


Driveways, alleys, paved paths, and all other forms of hardscape on your outdoor property essentially dictate the overall style of the landscape design. They are the pillars of esthetics on which the rest of the look is based, and they also have a very important function – to help people navigate the property more easily. We, at CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating will bear both aspects in mind, as we work with you to select, mount, and maintain the hardscape elements of your landscape.


Pavers dictate the overall look of your landscape and it’s important to find a color, texture, and design that suit your overall needs. When consulting with you for hardscaping choices, our experts will want to know what kind of esthetic you’re considering for your landscape, how much foot traffic you expect said pavers to receive, and what budget you have at your disposal. And after all is said and done, we provide you with a range of solutions that stand to make your landscape well assembled, el