Lawn Care Services

At CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating we will be able to provide you with the services needed for keeping your landscape looking its best year round, whether it is a residential home or commercial property. The lawn care services we offer include:

Lawn Maintenance

This would include mowing the yard, edging around all boundaries, trees, beds, etc., and blowing off walks, driveways, and decks to make sure they are clean of any yard debris. We recommend weekly mowing and we offer the option of bagging or leaving the clippings. It is actually beneficial to leave the clippings because as the clippings break down it provides nutrients into the soil.

Leaf Season

During the months of October and November our focus will be on blowing leaves and keeping the property looking neat. If your town does not pick up leaves we offer a leaf removal service to our customers.

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn fertilization program will have your lawn looking its best throughout the season. Included in the applications are a slow release fertilizer, crabgrass prevention, broad-leaf weed control, insect control and applications of lime if needed.

Pruning Services

The staff at CAMASTA Landscaping & Sealcoating is properly trained on how to prune and shape your shrubs, ornamentals trees, and grasses. Periodic pruning is necessary for proper growth of the plant and also helps to keep the shape and size of the plant looking its best.


There are many benefits to installing mulch in your flower beds. The mulch will greatly help to reduce weeds from popping up and also holds moisture in the soil so that your plants have a steady supply of water. Probably the most important reason for our customers to mulch is because it increases curb appeal. We offer many different varieties of mulches and colors to choose from.

Topsoil / Seed / Sod

Whether you are in need of a new yard or just need some bare spots reseeded, we have a plan for you. We only use top quality seed that is meant for our region and topsoil that has been tested to make sure it has the correct make-up of organic materials.

Spring / Fall Clean-ups

Fall clean-ups are handled during the months of October and November and involve clearing the leaves and any sticks or debris from the property. Leaf removal is available to customers whose towns do not pick up leaves.

Spring Clean-ups usually get started around the middle of March, depending on the weather.

Spring Clean-ups include:

  1. Thatching and raking the lawn
  2. Blowing all leaves and debris off of yard and out of mulch beds
  3. Removing any sticks or downed branches
  4. Removing debris from property

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding is either done in the spring or early fall. Aeration is the process of loosening up the soil and allowing water and nutrients to more easily access the root zone of your lawn. This is done using a machine that plugs the turf, basically leaving small holes throughout the lawn. The process of aeration and overseeding helps to alleviate compaction and leads to a thicker, healthier lawn.