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Lawn Care Union, NJ Specialists on Overseeding: What to do Afterwards?

If you are new to lawn care and landscape management, it’s time to take a crash course on overseeding, as one of the most important lawn care Union, NJ activities to employ seasonally. The truth is overseeding is recommended in early fall, around the month of September. However, our lawn care Union, NJ specialists say that spring overseeding is equally efficient if you start early.

The problem is that many homeowners don’t know exactly what to do and how to treat their freshly overseeded lawns. Many make several mistakes which lead to poor turf development. This is why our landscaping and lawn care Union, NJ experts gathered here today to offer you some post-overseeding advice.  » Read More

3 Alternatives to Turf-Based Landscapes to Save Water: Lawn Care Denville, NJ Specialists Share Their Knowledge

According to recent statistics, around 1/3 of the residential water consumed across the United States is wasted on lawn and landscape irrigation. This data turned into a real reason for concern for those interested in environmentalism and preservation of resources. Our lawn care Denville, NJ specialists wondered if horticulture and landscaping specialists across the country also came up with solutions to saving water, besides signaling the problem.

Luckily for everybody, there are plenty of resources focusing on finding landscaping alternatives to replace the water consuming traditional turf and grasses and still keep a beautifully designed front yard. So can some of us swap their turfs with something less water-consuming and still enjoy green, exquisite properties? Our lawn care Cedar Knolls NJ experts took a look around the country and reported back.
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5 Organic Fertilizers Recipes: Lawn Care Rockaway, NJ Specialists’ Advice for Eco-Friendly Gardening

We have covered the issues of eco-friendly gardening and lawn care before, and we have even talked about functional landscapes. The use of organic fertilizers and home-made products is something that should concern all homeowners and lawn maintenance Rockaway, NJ experts alike. Besides being cheap and easy-to-make, such homemade organic fertilizers have proven to be successful in nourishing the soil while stressing it the least possible. You may have heard about some around-the-house fertilizers anybody can use, but we will take things to another level and reveal some of the lawn care Rockaway, NJ specialists’ recipes and recommendations. Of course, the use of organic fertilizers should always be preceded by a professional soil test.
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Cutting Down the Lawn Care Budget: Is a Frugal Landscaping Madison, NJ Plan the Proper Strategy?

Large properties need intensive lawn care plans, not to mention a lot of time and money. The minimal investments list consists of watering costs, soil maintenance, mowing, tree trimming, and many seasonal lawn maintenance Madison, NJ activities. In this case, you may face the issue of not having enough time or a generous enough budget to employ all the necessary lawn care strategies experts talk about. You can’t leave the property unmanaged, obviously, because it will get damaged in time and cost you even more to fix it. What is to do then? Landscaping Madison, NJ experts agree with their lawn maintenance Gladstone, NJ colleagues: frugal landscaping may be the best strategy to keep a beautiful, lush, property, with less money and worries. It is especially recommended in the case of large, hard-to-maintain properties. Let’s see what the main frugal landscaping courses of action are.
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Intensive Lawn Care Livingston, NJ Strategies to Fix a Damaged Lawn

How can a lawn get so damaged it needs intensive lawn care and extreme measures to be employed? There are two specific situations, lawn care Livingston, NJ experts consider: first, you got your hands on a new property which was left unattended for a long time by the previous owner. Secondly, as a property owner yourself, you didn’t have the time, the knowledge or the budget to properly maintain your lawn and garden. In either of these two circumstances, the lawn damages, if severe, can be seen with the naked eye. Let’s see what some landscaping Denville, NJ pros have to say about the symptoms of a damaged lawn:
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Landscaping Services Gladstone, NJ Experts Talk about Functional Gardening

You may ask what a functional garden is and you are right to do so. According to landscaping services Gladstone, NJ experts and lawn care pros in general, such garden goes beyond an aesthetic role and becomes a core-element for sustainable living. Gardens and lawns should not only be used as luscious patches of nature, filled with grass and flowers, but also become small “kitchens.” Michelle Obama, Jamie Oliver and many other healthy living promoters recommend owners to turn parts of their properties into vegetable gardens and grow also fruits, herbs and spice.
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Landscaping Cedar Knolls, NJ: Four Landscape Design Core Elements to Consider

Have you ever heard that there are only twelve or fifteen movie plots altogether, but each director tells the same stories over and over again from a different perspective? Well, landscaping Cedar Knolls, NJ experts consider there are about four core-elements to landscape design, even if no two landscapes look identical. If you long for a lawn and garden to look like those on professional magazine covers, you have to know these five main principles. And if you want to turn your property into the hottest spot in the neighborhood, let’s give lawn care Cedar Knolls experts some room to talk.
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4 Basic Strategies to Employ for Best Lawn Care Denville, NJ Results

Lawn care and lawn maintenance need personal involvement, passion, time and effort. While mowing the lawn or watering it is pleasant, your turf and garden need more than that. The next four basic lawn care Denville, NJ strategies provided by our experts will help you care for your lawn with maximum results and little effort. After all, lawn care should be a pleasure and not a painful task.
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Top Tips in Lawn Care – Whippany, NJ Professionals Share Their Knowledge

Well-maintained lawns can change the appearance of any property. Not only do they provide visual appeal, but also create extra space that can be useful for various open-air family activities. Nonetheless, beautiful lawns require a lot of investments and dedicated work. In fact, most regular US households usually invest up to $5,000 just for lawn care – this includes services such as landscaping, mowing, fertilization, pest prevention, and many more.
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3 DIY Lawn Maintenance Tips from our Seasoned Professionals

With the U.S. economy slowly repositioning itself toward recovery, it has become more important than ever for homeowners to maintain the value of their biggest assets: their homes. This, of course, takes a lot of time, money, and energy. And if you fail to maintain both your home and your lawn you stand to witness that asset becoming a liability. This especially applies to improperly tended lawns and gardens. Wilted, barren, or otherwise damaged patches of greenery can negatively impact the curb appeal of your property to a very large extent. Living in a home whose irrigation systems are drained, whose lawn is infested by pests, and whose flower beds are wilting can definitely become a nightmare. Not only do such situations diminish the value of your property, but they can also render it unsafe for use and habitation.
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